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Restored fox kart
Completely restored Fox kart. Excellently restored to be period correct. Here's a link to restoration and more photos It has about 30 laps on the kart since the following.
*new font axel and spindle hangers by Joel Christains
*bead blast, two part epoxy primer and Nason Urethane top coat
*new rear clip and two repop box mount fabricated from original box mount
*new California Vintage Karts satellite seat and foam with upholstery done by Mikes Custom Auto with original heat formed pleats in inlay and original silver/chrome piping
*all new chrome by Orange County Plating
*new stainless brake and throttle rods
*new stainless throttle arms from Dick Teal-original hex rod throttle setup
*NOS Torek tie rod ends and rubber
*NOS Vintage two shoe Max-Torque clutch
*GEM side mount*MC75 has 101 piston and rod with Go Power Sloper manifold and 6 petal pyramid reed, runs very strong
*Bill McCornack Alcohol Tiilotson carb
*velocity stack

*new Vintage speed tires (like stated above about 30 laps on tires)
*new see through tank
*restored Lemans wheels, very nice
*new floor pan (mirror finish aluminum from McMasters) and rubber mat
*Airheart 150 disc brake
*new rear axle
*assembled using all new AN aircraft hardware

saw the kart at adams and at Delmar
it is a beauty
tony is a lucky guy
(02-09-2017, 03:16 PM)thomas kelley Wrote: saw the kart at adams and at Delmar
it is a beauty
tony is a lucky guy

You can say that again!?
How come nobody has offed this rat? TJ
(05-28-2019, 05:05 PM)ted johnson Wrote: How come nobody has offed this rat? TJ

Hi Ted,

I'll have to check, but believed I removed the "Computer Tech Support" garbage that laced this post and BANNED the spammers.

Darn good job, Scott! If we want to see their goodies, we can go to the appropriate web page. Some of these things stem from our side not enforcing the requirement for real names. Ted
(06-10-2019, 08:13 AM)Scott Elkes Wrote: Scott:  Sent you a PM...


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