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my reply to steve m and chuck g on vintage
there seems to be some side of mouth comments on why did a new vintage forum open.
this link

so , why do you ask , am i commenting here??

well this is the only place for me to comment on their question about why a new forum.
my membership on the vintagekarts  forum seems to be guest now so i can't post.

anyway here goes,

so you are asking why a new forum.
why move we have the most popular forum?
to me it's all
bla bla bla as steve m says.

my reply
a forum without someone being an ACTIVE admin is not the best idea.
i really need to do nothing but leave things alone and eventually everyone will see what i'm trying to explain.
or maybe not , who knows , maybe i'm wrong.

we have moved there is nothing saying anyone else has to do anything.
if you want join the forum
 or don't
regardless , everyone is welcome.

if you want a longer bla bla bla explanation read below
d Cool

i'd been a member of the vintage karts site for several years before the new forum (after 2006) appeared.
when i joined it took FOREVER for my membership to get added about a month. on the net even back then that was a long time.

anyway i was excited to have access to everything and since i wasn't in the best of health i had alot of time.
i went back to the very first page and i read EVERYTHING that anyone wrote as i wanted to LEARN .
i also did that on the rear engined kart site and VKA both of which have been rebooted several times since.

but as time passed on the forum less and less stuff on the forum worked and it started crashing ALOT.
then suddenly there was a brand new forum
we had alot more function but a HUGE disaster had occurred .
a whole raft of information had been DELETED when the forum was rebooted , important technical stuff that can't be replaced.
later this information loss also happened on rear engine and vka several times.

why does this happen?
i found out it's a common practice to drop the "back end" of a forum when it's rebooted.
mostly because this information isn't anything but past conversations about not much.
the problem is in a forum like vintage there's ALOT of information that IS NOT useless it's practically priceless.

remeninces about why thing were done or changed through the life of the sport.
who invented what and when.
direct recollections of people that were involved FROM THE BEGINNING.

also tech advise identifications of equipment ect ect.
i really hated to see that info get lost.

so when i accidentally became the admin for the site it became my mission to ORGANIZE the important information into a searchable format.
i didn't want that info lost when the forum inevitably gets upgraded.
if an upgrade doesn't happen eventually the net won't be compatible with the forum and the forum will die.

so i started organizing the forum.
it has taken me years to get the vintagekarts forum into a semi organized state.
literally thousands of hours moving things from one place way in the back lost to where everyone could find it easily.
the problem is the forum is ancient so moving just on post takes about 3 minutes. there are abot 7,000 posts left to be moved into place or deleted.
that job is far from finished.

at the same time i figured out what was wrong with the sign in process (it was unfixable).
i created a work around and went through the lost members and signed in 600 people when i cleared the backlog.
that took weeks.
the problem is still there it requires about 2 hours a week to sign in new members.
 Every week or it gets silly.

the owner of vintagekarts needed to redo the forum software we waited over three years for that to happen it never did.
we started building this forum with the idea that we'd be able to move the WHOLE forum over here at some point.
the idea was to save the information for our hobby.

Sadly the owner has not agreed to do that.
he's a nice guy but has some ideas i just don't agree with at all.
in fact there were some things said the only time i talked to him.
things i will not disclose.

i decided then that maybe we'd be ok without a new forum
a sort of denial.
but recently the forum crashed.
it wasn't bad but it brought home to me why we'd started building the new forum.
i decided to launch the forum and try to keep both going despite all the work.
as you may see that didn't work out to my plan.

thanx dave l.
The "other' one is down again
The way the other forum is crashing it won't be long until everyone will be coming here by default. Too bad the searchable data couldn't be ported over to this forum.
Rod Van Deusen
Vintage & Classic Sidewinder Resource
The data potentially could be saved. Issue being that the owner of does not want us to do that.  Otherwise it would be worth a shot to transfer the data.
don't know what you did,,but I can log on now?????

Not much. I never had issues so I think it self resolved.
it seems to be intermitant. i was able to log in then i couldn't.
i wiped my cookies and still couldn't. just now couldn't get in wiped cookies and it worked.
on laptop i was signed in and then tried to sign in again in another window.
couldn't sign in. but the signed in window still worked.
maybe when the forum member leaves the sign in on it gets stuck some how.
or the auto sign out is messing up?
hopefully it's just hiccups but maybe not?
dave l.

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