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alky for avon
hey all .,.
just wondering if alky fuel will be available at track ..

or where I can get some before Thursday ...

thank you ..
Steve - just eat one of my burgers and you won't need any alky.

Jim D
I think Rich Gamrod recently bought a drum of alcohol and the last I talked to him he was planning on being there all weekend. If not, his shop isn't very far away from the track. He might be able to help you out.

IF I get my kart ready, and IF I get time to run to Close Racing in Eldred, PA to get me some alcohol I'll share some of mine with you, but right now those are two really big IF's!
thank you ..
im gonna call rich maybe try run and get some this eve or tomorrow
The good news: I got my kart running and headed for the track tomorrow morning!

The bad news: Steve, I didn't have time to get to Close's today. As it is, I'm digging into my racing buddy's fuel for Sunday so I can run tomorrow (and maybe Saturday...?). I have to make four gallons last for me tomorrow, and still fuel up three karts Sunday. Gonna be close....

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