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Buying Stuff from members
On this forum we have alot of guys selling awesome stuff.
  90% of the sales are legit and go smoothly.
However there are times when rip offs can happen.

New forum members are usually just that new.
If they are selling something the deals they offer can be really good.
But sometimes the newest members are not too nice and here only to sell crap.
 or have stupid high prices and are trying to save on ebay fees.

Here's some advise:
  • Check and see if the seller has a bunch of posts or has been a member for a long time. either one indicates they are part of the karting community not a newbe.
  • Look up the sellers name and see if he's sold on forum before.our best sellers are repeat sellers almost always
  • post a question on the general forum asking about the seller. if there's an issue you'll hear about it.[Image: shock.gif]
  • NEVER buy from a seller with less then ten posts and/or isn't using a real name. if it's something like "kart king"  you can be pretty sure its made up.Less then ten posts means that they probably aren't well known.
  • insist on good pictures of all sides of item. if you have any doubts have the seller take pix with todays newspaper next to item.

Also If you don't know the seller:
  • Do a seller name search on google  site.
  • Get a current phone number AND address call the number and google address.
  •  and careful person only sends paypal money to people you don't know.
even then paypal only allows a short window for refunds so be familiar with their rules if something doesn't ship right away.
  • If you're not completely sure of seller you can always ask to have the part shipped C.O.D.

hope this helps
d.[Image: cool.gif]
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