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wow summers ending and the racing season nearly over
Oh man, except for Oreville, my season has been a bust.

Thank goodness I was able to run one of my son's karts at Oreville, because my Mc92 rod let go on the 1st lap of day 1.  (It popped at low rpm so the block survived.   Now I know, my fault for not keeping an eye out for chatter marks.  Now I'm in the market for a crank, rod & stuffer.  Please IM me if you got!)

Sooo, I'm really trying to get my act together for SANDY HOOK!

Dave L, and ALL of you guys, hope to see you there!
I ran Broadhead and won the WB sidewinder.Both the wife and I had some covid symtoms afterward and got tested which were neg.Still don't know what happed there. Later some health issues and several risk factors caused us to rethink the rest of the year. Skipped everything except Delmar.Went to watch with a mask and social distance.I hope things are better next year because I will be ready to run,run,run!

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