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Crankshaft wear update
Doctors update. At the end of 2018 I took 5 of our West Bend 820's apart. Each one had a failed taper crankshaft. The crank pin on each one had a chatter/wear mark right at 11 o clock. After some head scratching and doing things like Rockwell testing I was not sure what was the problem. I had been running 10 oz of Klotz KL 100 (80% synthetic 20% castor) in alky. I decided to make a switch. I started the 2019 season running 11 oz of Klotz BeNol straight castor per gallon. So this week I've finally gone through all 4 of the 820's we ran as duals in 2019. I'm happy to report that all 4 crank pins look perfect.

The pitted location (11 o'clock) is with the crankpin itself at 12 o'clock, and looking from the (i'm guessing) PTO side toward the flywheel side?
Are you implying that by changing the oil fixed this problem?
so far it has.
Steve, using 10-11 OZ of 100% Blendzall green label castor on the 610's, I can't measure any wear at all on rod journals. I don't run as often as you do, but the one engine is over eight years old now, and I twist it as tight as I would a Mac. No measurable wear on rod or crank. Ted
It's different strokes for different folks. Lake Speed believes in oil being the cheapest way to save the engine. it does make some sense. a 4 stroke runs in full motor oil with a soft crank and rod. We take a 2 stroke and starve it for oil but run a hard crank and rod. the 820 piston weight far exceeds the rest of the fan cooled class and the foreign s. We spin ours at about 12,500 so we expect to see more issues that others won't see. Please note i don't recommend others spin their 820's that high as it will not stay together. I have some changes we make that allow this. However it takes it's toll on the crank vs. the rod breaking.

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