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FS: 1962 Hancock Lancer all original! 46227
Posting this up to see if anyone would like to own a rare 1962 Hancock Lancer with the rear support bar. The only thing it's missing is the seat cover which you can still purchase from the original supplier in Findlay Ohio.  Aside from that, everything is original, every nut and bolt and it even has the original Lancer Nassau panel. It does have new axle bearings and I just had the 5 quart tank repaired by Doug Sharp which is not pictured. The original paint was too rough to save so I had it sand blasted in preparation for fresh paint. The original go power wheels are in excellent condition but they will need refinished if you want them to look perfect. I'm asking $900 as a roller but feel free to make me an off if my price seems out of line. I don't know what this thing is worth exactly but it is pretty rare and the parts alone are worth what I'm asking. A set of mac 6 or 7s would make a good fit or you could install a pair of West bend 580s. The larger 820 and power products H81 do not fit in the stock location with the tank installed. I can include one west bend 580 for the right price. Thanks for looking!

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