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She's gone
So as you know my sweetie got sick.
i never mentioned how bad it was because at first we didn't know.
when we did know i decided less said better.
I just stopped with the vintage stuff and concentrated on her health.

We had a long fight against this monster but knew early on she couldn't win.
well today at 7.15 am or so she left the party.
she always got up at that time to get ready for work so it didn't really surprise me she left at that time.

in the past i've whined many times about her not liking my hobbies
 breaking my balls about my stuff 
why do i need it all? blah blah blah!
actually some of the best threads on the forums were about sweeties not appreciating our hobby!

it might have seemed at times it annoyed me but that was never true.
if anything her complaining amused me as she really never meant anything by it.
we bickered about many things ALL THE TIME but we agreed on most everything important.
 actually everything except getting married , she proved she was smart by never doing that!
truth be told she never was seriously mad at anything i did and she supported EVERYTHING i did.

i really wish she'd gone to some events of ours but that wasn't something she wanted to do.
so i respected that and went alone.
you guys would've loved her , she's the only human that could get me to shut up.

what happened was she got breast cancer.
the type she had was triple negative.
 the Russian in her gave her a braca gene that made it especially bad and almost certainly terminal.
we also found it way too late , stage four.

she fought a good fight but it became obvious she wasn't gonna win. 
Missy was never one to mince words as the doctors soon found out.
she hated the chemo and when they wanted a third round with , at best poor odds , she declined.
once she knew she was terminal she just wanted to enjoy what time she had left.
i made sure the doctors respected her wishes.

So , as soon as she could we traveled. 
despite getting weaker we made it to Oregon and Washington states.
we went to Rhode Island one more time. 
Marjorie loved R.I.
 finally we went to the Florida keys one more time.

she had fun and managed a little retirement before she ran out of time.
and that was a good thing.
to be honest , she was angry about her retirement getting stolen from her.
This wasn't a thing i could fix but i could give her some of what was being stolen.
i think i was able , in a small way, to give her back some of that retirement travel we'd planned.

In the end, we came home from the keys and she wasn't very strong, and wasn't able to do much anymore.
i had to fly her home she was that bad.
the disease had gained too much ground.
the docs went into pain management and did a fine job.
after getting progressively weaker , she passed peacefully this morning and my sunshine left the world.

if you want the truth she managed to finish all worn out and able to say what a ride.
the best way to go i.m.h.o.
that's all i have to say about that.
i guess, the point is , she was great , she's gone and out of pain.
Marjorie ....... Rest In Peace
i'm gonna miss you.

Dave L.

Catch your breath.  I know from experience care giving a terminal cancer patient is as tough on the caregiver as the patient.  Your bravery in the struggle was just as great as your sweetie's.


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. May God bless you and bless Marjorie and rest her soul. I hope the memories you created while traveling will comfort you and give you peace while you grieve and long after.

 I am sorry my friend, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Dave - I'm so sorry to hear this, my thoughts and prayers for Marjorie, you and your family.
Take care Dave,
Sorry to here about your loss. God bless you and be with you.
The Santee family
Remember, Grumpy Dave, we're all yer Buds. Bless you. Ted
So sorry for your loss Dave. 

May god bless you and your family. 

May time help heal your heart.

Thanks for sharing your story. Your cherished memories of Missy will last the rest of your life. Let those fond memories carry you through future tough times.

Sad news.
I hope you feel some comfort knowing that you did what you could to make her last days as happy as possible.


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