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....old kart

...TJ.     knows what it is .,
Duke Fox Champ Kart. Is the engine an Engray or Maico? I drove a Fox Champ with Mc10 back when Mr. Fox brought a couple of them to Florida to try and get my Pop to sell them. Duke knew Pop from model airplane stunt and speed flying, and we sold Fox model engines in our hobby shop. P.S. Those wheels are pretty rare. I don't think Fox sold them separate from the kart. Ted
engray ., engine

had motor 25 plus years waiting for a kart ..,
Very weird driving kart, Steve! Inside rear wheel hikes up during hard cornering. Maybe the weight of the Engray will keep it planted. Duke Fox was a nice man, but he had some strange ideas about karts. Too bad he never got his Fox kart engines in production. When he came down to see Pop, he brought one with him, but he didn't run it for us. TJ

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