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Avon 10th anniversary Engine Give Away
Hi All,
Well, a week from today on July 25th starts Avon's 10th anniversary VKA event for all to enjoy.
We have some special stuff going on this year and one of those will be giving; as first prize for the 50-50 raffle, a fully restored & detailed, 100% stock Mc91B1 built by yours truly.

It is a great engine, standard bore, standard ports, fully rebuilt and detailed.

Second prize for the 50-50 will be the Money and hopefully more prizes after that.

Here are a couple other things we have in store:

All day structured practice
Free pizza and pop party after practice.
A McCulloch engine timing demonstration after pizza Thursday utilizing A fully dynamic fixture to demonstrate conventional ignition performance, maverick spark and using an electronic ignition module to bypass the conventional ignition components. It should be very informative and answer a lot of questions regarding McCulloch ignition.

Friday promises a full day with practice in the morning, first heat in the afternoon, an excellent feed by Papa Rays Bar-B-Que followed by the kart show with a special prize for the un-restored historic kart category and the usual awards for the other classes.

Short morning practice followed by heats 2 & 3
After the heats we will have our award ceremony giving some fantastic trophies (kindly donated by Karl Ginter)
We hope to have everything done by 3:00PM so people will have plenty of time to either get some more track time or get on the road fairly early.

This promises to be a very special event so I hope many can make it.
See you in a week,
Scott & Sam & GVKC
scott., brought vintage karting back to east coast .,after bataiva and cuddybeck in 2000/2001 .,
always had fun at all scotts events .,
gonna miss it for sure .. hope it all goes good for scott and everyone stays safe ..
i'm most probably gonna miss event too unless i just drive up to visit. 
Marjorie is getting better but not 100% yet. as soon as she is we'll be traveling to see stuff she wants to see.
nothing in that list has ANYTHING to do with karts.

it's the least i can do after all her medical nightmares the so called doctors put her through this last year plus.
So for yet another season i'll be sidelined and sad to miss the vintage events.

it really kills me to miss Scott and Sam's events as they have the best organized and fun Vintage Kart Events on the entire Upper East Coast.
the swap meet is pretty great too.
my advise to anyone that is thinking about going JUST GO. 

Typically any vintage karting event is a ton of fun 
 The people attending are generous and easy going.
Scott and Sam 's 
 define this concept. 

So if you're 
into running your vintage equipment on an actual track under race like conditions 
 if you just love looking at restored karts and some not so restored karts 
if you just wanna bench race
look for rare stuff at the swap meet
brag about how fast you were "back in the day"
hang around a bunch of great people 
or just relax and have fun 
eat good food 
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

d Cool
Dave L.
Dave L.
always a fun event,,,,,one of the more relaxed events want competition,,,you can have it, you want to can have it, always a great swap meet,,, and always a good meal...

Since forecasts are no longer relevant, here's the NOAA radar for western N Y, look just above Dansville for weather
radar at E.Avon. use the arrows at the top left to move to adjoining regions for hopefully clear skies.

Someone else can post the longs and lats for the track location.
i may actually show up for a day to visit. 
all tom kelley's fault if it happens. 
alot depends on logistics i need to borrow a vehicle able to haul two karts.
my truck has a broken exhaust manifold AGAIN.
fingers crossed. 
otherwise is there anyone in ct area going that can carry two karts back to ct.?
d Cool

btw here's a link to weather in Avon NY
Dave L.
was reading facebook.
saw early report on Avon Vintage Kart race.
sixty plus entries. 

This was promoted it as nice low key , non serious Vintage Kart event.
they had practice laps then race/demonstration exhibitions all day.
heard the Kart show was outstanding.

way to go Avon.
dang but i miss these events.
maybe next year..

d Cool
Dave L.

yes you missed a good one....over 60 entries,,,about 85-90% were rear karts....

outdistancing Kart Show...Romero  ,Mark ,and Brett Mallory did the judging,,had a special award for the best Barn Find,,it went to Tom Kelly for finding an old Bug with a Konig power plant on it...truly a great find...Scott K had a special award,,,,,one of the mini McCullochs   fully assembled and detailed like only Scott can do

Tom also won the long distance award  he and Jake traveled 667 miles......dedication is an understatement...

wish I could have stayed to today....have a class reunion tonight and didn't want to miss it....

but overall..a great turn out......

Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink
Thanks Gary, good to see you yesterday.
Yes I believe it was one of our better events.
We had a full day and a half of practice, 3 heats for 9 classes with 62 entries and we finished giving away the trophies today by 3:00PM
Everything was smooth, no incidents, lots of fun and exciting competition. The 8.2 rear class had nearly a photo finish between Bob Potts and Johnathan Fairoaks and sportsman rear was the biggest field of 12 competitors and Sam or I did not even run.
Perfect weather, warm but perfect for the end of July here in NY.
We couldn't be happier with the event, thanks to all who supported us this year.
Scott (and Sam)

Full report to follow.

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