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NEW Helmet Cam Guidelines REVISION
The concern over safety regarding helmet cams has been addressed by the VKA Board. SNELL helmet certifications may be made void by the attachment of a helmet cam and the insurance companies may void their coverage. Effective immediately, VKA believes for safety of participants at vintage karting events, the promoter should not allow their use if attached to the helmet or driver.

The 2019 VKA Guidelines have been amended to say
"Cameras must be hard-mounted by bolt and nut. Mounting by use of any form of adhesive or Velcro is prohibited. Cameras may be mounted on front panel (as long as number is not blocked), on the main frame rails, or welded-on seat strut. Mounting to seat, nerf bars, bumpers, side-pods, helmet, or driver is not acceptable. "

Although many insurance programs have prohibited the use of helmet cams because it voids the SNELL Certification and should have already been enforced by the promoter, the VKA wanted to address the issue in the current Guidelines and provide guidance to what the "attachment requirements" are. If used, they take effect August 1, 2019.

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