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WTB intake manifold piece for Van Tech STUFFER mount
I’m looking for a single piece for a VanTech Stuffer mount which is between the carburetor and the reed cage, note this is a short version manifold, not a high rise used on intake manifolds bolted to the intake side of the block. It may or may not have ¼” studs, I’d take either.
I used one of Perry Blairs old TuckerB’s auctions for the picture here.
PM me if you have one to sell. I think the one I want is for the HL pattern Tillotson.

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.jpg   VanTech stuffer mount.jpg (Size: 38.17 KB / Downloads: 81)
Mark, are you concerned about authenticity, or functionality? If functionality, why not cut the spacer/adapter from aluminum plate? I imagine if you made it from 1/2" plate, you'd never be able to tell the difference in performance. If you can't cut the outside shape at your place, I can provide a CAD DXF file so you can get it water jet cut. I can even send the file to my Waterjet Cutting, Inc. friends in Albuquerque. You make payment arrangements directly with them, I send the file to Waterjet, they cut it and send it to you. I'd need all the outside shape dimensions and a little time to make the CAD model, the CAD drawing and the DXF file. I cut manifold adapters from plate fairly often. Ted
I need that one piece to complete a near new set of "2" !
Thanks for the suggestion TJ.
mark, post a better pix i may have a spare.
d Cool
Dave L.
Gotcha, ML. Good hunting! Grumpy Dave probably has several! Ted
David I cant, I had to "borrow" that picture from Perry Blairs old ebay listing. I CAN show a a picture of the wrong one that is 90 degree's rotated from what is required.
That'll be next week sometime.
I'm still looking to get that rough looking MC70 metal muffler cover I ask you to set aside some years back.
Mark L./SWNY

update; This picture shows what I have, but what I need would find the carb flange 90 degrees off from what this image shows.

.jpg   V-T manifold.jpg (Size: 51.44 KB / Downloads: 21)      
.jpg   V-T manifold 2.jpg (Size: 42.09 KB / Downloads: 18)
it's probably still put aside. 
was it red by any chance?
if so i think i've seen it a time or two kicking around.
i'll look and see what i have on the intake.
Dave L.
I dont remember anything about paint being mentioned before David, I just know that the chrome was defunct/kaput/fine'
MC40/70 4 bolt used on a McCulloch numbered aluminum box muffler.
Thanks for looking, but don't think you gotta rush into it, I'm pretty patient on things I want verses what I NEED.
It'll all show up when you aint lookin for it, isn't that the way it always goes with our inventories?!
i was mixed up.
i am talking about mc shroud cover.
missed the muffler reference. 
need pix of cover i am thinking i do have one though.
haven't made it back to shop been too busy.
 will check for stuff next time i am there.
d Cool
Dave L.

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