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Mcculloch carb hold down nuts
I've somehow lost two carb hold down nuts for my NOS Mac 101 B. Would any one have two they could part with? How much are you asking? I'll   send you the money.  Thanks in advance.
Unless they're some special design or color, thin (jamb) style nuts are readily available @ Ace or a big box store. I'm not up on 101 stuff, but ......keep repeating this short statement......."function over form." You want it to work, correct?......not be Corvette guy NOS piece that's overpriced because it has a correct "factory scratch." .......... End of rant.

Some options, assuming you're in need of 1/4-28 RH jam nuts:

Three out of five of my local hardware stores will have 1/4-28 jam nuts in stock.  Probably Lowe's and Home Depot, too.  I get it, not everyone has multiple local options, but if you do, odds are that they can hook you up. The drilled nuts from Aircraft Spruce are expensive jewelry, but if the rest of your build uses drilled and wired, aircraft grade hardware, why not?  

Good luck!

Thanks Kurt. That's my situation entirely. Great that someone "gets it", Instead of being sarcastic.
Frank - Bill McCornack sells correct McCulloch hardware and hardware kits for various macs. Nice stuff.
Thanks alot Paul. I may give him a shout.

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