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Series 62 sealing?
I've been assembling some 62s for a Lynx project and some halves have been giving me trouble. 62s are unique as they have almost no taper, and the 5/8" decorative holes are way too close to the sealing flange. Not coincidentally this is where all my leaks were coming from. I'd like to know what you guys do for these?
[Image: 35951016802_4a219a2a08_c.jpg]

I've read a bunch of older posts on various 2-piece wheels and it seems like it comes down to a few sealing options:
1) Just the o-ring.
2) O-ring and some sort of silicone.
3) A wide rubber band cut from a kart inner tube.
4) A thin Cork casket between the halves.
5) An aluminum disc with an o-ring groove cut into it (like other 2-piece wheels)
6) Welding together.

1) The o-ring alone didn't seal worth a darn. I was able to see the o-ring was in the right spot, but it's not really an engineered groove for an o-ring. 
2) I've never liked silicone for wheels. Having almost no taper on 62s makes it almost impossible to get a tube of silicone down where the halves join.
3) After cutting some 1.25" wide rubber bands from a 4.10 X 3.5 X 5 inner tube I found it was difficult to make sure the band was covering the o-ring all the way around. When I was successful it leaked as bad as just the ring. 
4) Cutting a cork gasket would be easy. Punching the decorative holes large enough, yet having enough gasket to seal the holes, while not interfering with the o-ring is a bit more tricky. 
5) There doesn't seem to be a commercially available option here.
6) My favorite idea is welding them together, but something about the shape of the halves led me to think I wouldn't be able to mount them like a one piece wheel with a large taper. At least Van-Ks have a taper and maybe could work as a welded one piece?

It appears hokey, but I was able to get another option to pass the soap bubble test. 

I found this thin sticky back foam in 9 x 12 sheets in my kid's craft area. You can get it at Michael's for $0.99/sheet.
I used a gasket cutter to give me a 4.25" X 4.00" circle. and stuck it to one halve. I arranged it in a semi-hex shape getting it close to the bases of the 5/8" decorative holes because that's where my leaks came from. I didn't get it too close to the edge because I knew the o-ring had to be able to seat as well.

Bolt together normally, and slip the o-ring into the groove and that was it. I got 4 gaskets from a sheet so I'm not in this too deep.
 [Image: 36945367125_e6d7e1d755_c.jpg]

][Image: 36774086752_2a61e0b426_c.jpg]

[Image: 36806393031_eed0ea3099_c.jpg]
Sam, are you against using tire tubes? I too had the same issue with the 62's and finally broke down and installed tubes, following a suggestion from Brian Thomas by coating the inside of the tire with baby powder before putting the tube in. It sure helps in providing a form of lubricant between the 2 pieces of rubber.
sam, back when you were looking for the sealing kits for the van k's i posted pictures for these in your post. at that time i had kits for the 62's but at $7 ea they didn't last long. the very last one i have with the holes drilled in them can be seen in the pictures. the one without the holes drilled will work also. but you could paint them black or cut the holes yourself. i do have some of these left. tubes are used for rafting down the river and for bicycles.

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