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OVRP, "Event 4 " Cuddeback Announcment!
Important Announcement!
OVRP, "Event 4", Cuddeback
The Schedule concerning the evening program is being adjusted.
Updated information to follow soon.
(08-04-2017, 09:46 AM)Al Post 97 Wrote: Important Announcement!
At OVRP, "Event 4", Cuddeback, we are planning for the third and final heat of the day and "Series" to be held under the lights.
(Remember to bring your clear shields) 

This is like having "The Icing on The Cake", 
putting "A Cherry on Top" and "Eating It Too"!

You're not going to want to miss this one!!

Oops, What is the starting time on Saturday.
OVRP, Cuddebackville Oct 6 &7.......

The schedule has been adjusted to include a round of "Mock" Heats on Friday Night "Under the Lights" for anyone who would like to participate. This should be lots of fun.

Friday includes all day practice by class, the Kart Show, and Dinner. After Dinner the track will be opened for one flagged run through the classes. If you plan to participate make sure you have a clear face suitable shield to use for night driving. 

Saturday includes practice, heat races (Tier I AND II), award presentation for both "Event 4" and for "The Northeast Vintage Kart Promoter's Cup Series".

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