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Yes, I'm making a (small) effort to populate this part of the Forum.  You other guys need to get busy.

For the moment this will be a bit of a place holder, but perhaps still interesting.

Not really a "build" story, but still a "story".

I assembled this kart for my karting buddy Tim Denham, and presented it to him as a surprise at the 2010 Turkey Trot in Dixon California, at the Kinsmen Kart Club.  My how time flies when you're having fun!

It was a recreation of a kart he raced in high school, a '61 Go Kart 800 with a Mac 30 engine.

The kart is about 90+% original, including a NOS fairing.  Took forever to find one of those.  Upholstery and axle bearings/flangettes are the only non-stock items.  Them original GK-800 Azusa aluminum/steel wheels is hard to come by, and part of why I paid too much for the roller in the first place.

Here's a few shots from how the kart looked when purchased, to how it looks today:

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Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA
Sure brings back memories! Mine was candy red. TJ
Timmy has been a karting slacker these last few years.

The kart is still in my storage unit as he has a TAG kart that he is in love with, but hasn't driven in like 5 or 6 years.

He also has his KT100 Invader that he has driven a couple of times in recent years.

He whines that he has no room for his karts at home, but won't sell his TAG kart, and is too tight to rent a dang storage unit by his home in Discovery Bay.  But it's OK to take up space in my storage unit.  Oh well......

It's a good thing I am very fond of him.  He is my very best buddy.

Since I am moving my residence from Livermore to Sacramento, I will have an excuse to hand off the kart to him.

His "plan" for this kart is to take it down, get the frame blasted and powder coated, and put it back together with a nice drum brake assembly I bought for the kart (it's sitting in the seat of the kart in a zip lock bag in the picture with Tim as the proud new owner).

All gussied up, it ought to be a show winner, especially if he does a bit of polishing on the wheels.  The upholstery job alone, and the fact that this is just like the kart he raced in high school could make that happen.  "Kart and driver reunited" so to speak.
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA
Timmy has been a karting slacker these last few years !!!

But but but Jim, there's more kart slackers then old guys going these days, maybe it's time for Tim to let it go,
would solve a lot of issues and it might finally get out of storage once again .

"Letting go is hard to do"......sounds like one of those old songs from back in the day Big Grin

It's a beautiful Go Kart 800.....it deserves to be a runner, just finish it and bring it out yourself now that you are going to be close to our favorite tracks in NorCal .....then all Tim has to do is hang out and make a few laps for old time sake Smile .

One excuse is as good as another....to why we all don't do or say one day we'll get "A"  "Round To It " and that day never comes around ......kind of a sad scenario , but that's how life is......too much to keep us from doing it all, so you choose your choices and let go of what you aren't passionate about .......I suppose I'm a slacker myself on many things ....oh well .

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Randy, I need to introduce you to Tim............
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA
For sure.....!  It needs to get a bit cooler.....the temps have been typical here in Chico 112 degrees up to 116 degree in Redding.....sort of like in Teds part of the country.....too dang hot to suit up and go racing....although the sprint cars
and winged karts have been racing under the lights at 90 degree temps here .

They all run water cooled engines, but I guess I'm just a wimp now days when it comes to hot summer temps .

A sure sign of thinking old  Undecided

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