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THOMPSON SPEEDWAY oct 8 2017 full track play day
So Guys, I got a call from the management @ THOMPSON SPEEDWAY to see if I was interested in another track day.
Well, it turns out they had a cancellation and I was offered that spot. We get use of the whole track and facilities by our selves. So if you have an enduro kart or sprint kart and would like to run the full course you have that option. We also have a sprint course set up using the back half of the track. This may or may not happen again so I couldn't say no...a great opportunity to run the full course! Could be real interesting guys......This is a test and tune know, it's all about having some fun. 

When: October 8th Gates open @ 8am track opens 10am closes @  5pm
Cost: $50.00 kart & driver
EMT'S & ambulance on track all day
Fully Insured
Great news! Thanks for pulling it together again.
Very good news. Another fine opportunity to expose more people to vintage karting. Again a big thank you to Ted for his efforts to procure another date with Thompson. See you there! Smile
Thanks Mark, It's not every day you get offered the whole track especially when they get $15K for a Saturday and $10K for a Sunday. People don't realize they book 250 events per month so this is great for us at $50.00. They even offered to open a concession stand for me! They would like to see a big turn out for these events. a
As I've proposed for us to be the opening race for their NASCAR events or if they had us do a half time show...they said there were no breaks between races but they would make one for us....this just depends on turn out of course. Idea Blush


excellent news .
i'm surprised they had a cancellation that is a venue that never takes a break.

i'd love to hear details about using the big track.
if we can run it i'll make an effort to put the engine back in on one of my enduros.

i am excited about the potential you are riding here.
You might mention to the track that racing karts have historical context in opening a race day or being mid race entertainment.
it was done quite a bit back in the early years.

Anyway even though i'll be broke by then , i'll be there to support your efforts.
My grill and burgers will be there at the end of day too. 

Will there be a little more formal approach to days events?
i hope not just casual grids and bsing all day was pretty awesome last time.

Perhaps you might separate the older karts from the newer ones if you change anything.
being as i'll be broke maybe a small swap meet table would be ok too??
Dave L.
Dave, all of what you have suggested has been in the works since the first time I spoke with the management. If we have enough of a turn out we can break out the classes, side winders, Yamaha etc. I suspect we'll have a pace car for the enduros to follow to show them the line for a couple of SLOW laps so they get a feel for it. As I know more I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks to all for the bad Cuddeback is the same weekend
When i saw the date i looked up cudde and saw the conflict.

luckily sunday is traditionally a lite day at cuddeback.

when i was promoting there nobody wanted to hang around sunday so we'd get all the grids done on saturday and leave sunday a playday.
i think maybe 10 people was the most that hung out one of the sundays.
it was mostly just a few hardcore guys 5 or 6 besides myself.
staying past saturday wasn't something people seemed to want to do.
some because of the extra hotel night costs others because they were DONE and the rest who knows why.
i was actually planning on dropping sunday before i "retired" from that whole promoting thing.

so maybe the new guys can rearrange the schedule to let sunday go.
even if they could alot of the guys going there won't be able to just drive on up to thompson as it'll be alot more travel and expense.
i think you'll see the guys who don't want to race and/or travel maybe it'll be more like a TBO style day.

of course i may be talking outta line as they may be doing things different at ovrp now i haven't a clue.

regardless i can't be going to cuddeback my finances will be too thin after camden if i can swing it .
then rigp costs alot in time and money so rigp was gonna be my last hurrah this season.
the track being in ct i can just leave the trailer loaded run up about 6 am and get home late.
only expense will be entry fee i think i can do that much.
Dave L.
Sunday in not on the calendar for this years Fall Cuddeback. The event which is part of "The North East Vintage Kart Promoters Cup Series" is being held on October 6th & 7th.

And Ted, as we have already spoke, I am planning to suggest to everyone at Cudde to try and swing by Thompson on their way home. After all, the truck and trailer will be already loaded...... what could be easier.

Just another FYI...... At Cuddeback we are having both Tier I and Tier II sessions with attendees choosing whatever kind of experience they want from the weekend. So...... for anyone who is not interested in being scored there will be plenty of seat time with equal laps for everyone.

very cool Al Post.
 i thought i had read sunday in the VKA calendar.
i didn't mean the post to sound like people wouldn't attend cudde because of the racing.
more like theres guys totally uninterested in traveling much more than an hour or two that would show.
 there are some guys like mike everin as example that mostly are for show and b.sing at track.
but he has young kids and can't just blow out for several days like we do.
he's been to cudde twice in all these years but i'd bet he'll be at thompson as it's close to his house so sneaking down isn't a full day of disappearing.
in r.i. and above theres a ton of single day kinda guys that'll probably come by just because it's close.

in all these years they never went to cudde too far too much money to much time too much hassle whatever all i ever heard was reasons not to go.
 and yet this year at thompson a bunch showed up and more are excited theres another coming up.
go figure ??

Dave L.
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