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NikeKart (Two words)
The NikeKart Zeus (Two words). This story hits close to home. lol. The kart was produced in my home town Toledo, Ohio, but I never saw one until seeing Ted Johnson's reproduction NikeKart during his REARs' TBO visit in Fremont, Ohio at Fremont Raceway Park.

Ted used the Karting World test review and pictures as some of the references when building the kart.

I started the Internet search to learn more about the NikeKart after seeing the Facebook picture post of this show kart back in the day. Sorry, I do not know who are the people or who took the picture.

The only thing that came up on the search. A NikeKart ad that appeared on eBay...

Since the kart was produced in Toledo, I was curious where it was made...

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