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The Welte "Bug" mine !
68 or 69 Vintage Bug restored as a true runner ....sold to me ...minus the engine (49 80 cc converted Mac Saw engine)
and Welte fuel tank, came with plastic one .

Very nice kart, enjoy Shawn testing it out in the video at their parking lot test track Smile

Steve Welte narration .

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Congratulations Randy. Over a decade of seeing what the Welte's do, you've got a gem to have some fun with.

...On a side note: II hope you're getting some well deserved rain!
Sam.....kidding aside....I'm glad I'm on high ground, several communities around me are the old saying goes when it rains it pours around here.....but that's why northern California has such wonderful soil and is the bread basket to the world !

As to Steve selling me their Bug......I didn't get the hand made Welte fuel tank shown in the video or the Super Saw Mac, but everything else shown !
This Bug is probably the best handling rear engine Bug chassis ever since Steve made the mods ......a true winner Smile .
Not to mention a super fair deal and delivered by my buddies Kelley and Lipka at the 50th Adams Championship Races !

So nothing else to do, but go have kind of favorite if the rain will let up  Big Grin

Did I mention that Shawn won several awards with this machine !    See the picture.....

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