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well sir ill tell ya rather duck tape and vise grip a finger back on rather go to doc,s ..
4 years ago I had not been feeling the greatest ..but I could work and ride go karts so I kept going ..then one weekend coming home from buying a kart in erie pa. I was flying down road in my trusty rusty s10 and had a friggin heart attack ..ran threw a red light piled into bunch cars .. luckly no one was hurt or killed ..woulda coulda shoulda ...went to docs .. mighta prevented it ..
if ur like me youll wait til they wheel chair you in.. then when you feeling soooo much better youll be pissed off at yourself you didn't do it long time ago .. take care mr.
If you get down in there, we will get you out after the heat race. Maybe...
all you guys are going off the the deep end( well sept for Steve)....I'll be in one this years,,,at a number of events,,,gotta get some time on the B Stocker....

don't take this wrong 
you know i mean well but i'm only good at being blunt sometimes.

drivin karts is what we love to do.
 but if you keep blowing off this repair work where ya gonna be then??

you know you gotta go to the doc and get the work done.
if memory serves it's been about four years already??

if i have to i'll friggin drive out there and check you in myself.
not sure but i bet you're making it worse by waiting.

your buddy  Cool
Dave L.
bad back, more like 30 years..LOL..hip yeah bout 2-3 ..

OK Mom,,,we'll geter done...

(03-02-2018, 08:03 AM)Gary Wlodarsky Wrote: bad back, more like 30 years..LOL..hip yeah bout 2-3 ..

OK Mom,,,we'll geter done...


A rare word in GW's defense.   At Bushnell he admitted he had the work scheduled and the doctors put it off to get his numbers (I'm not sure if they were looking in his wallet) more in line with what they were comfortable with.  Gary actually said he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible and seemed sincere as he limped along in obvious pain.  

Dr. Smokey (actually J.D. instead of MD)

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