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EVENT CANCELLED Chris Sahagian Memorial Vintage Karting Play Day @ THOMPSON SPEEDWAY
Hi guys, after a discussion with my girl friend last night and after talking with Dave Luciani and reading Chucks post this am I've decided to rename our event  the "Chris Sahagian Memorial Vintage Karting Play Day".
I'm sure he will be smiling down at us at the event! RIP Chris!

Ted's off in cali playing with his vintage dragster.
so naturally he has little time and access to post. he asked me to do the update so here goes.
dave l.

directions to track

Track info

Chris Sahagian Memorial Vintage Kart Play Day
Track Fee's
$ 50.00 driver pass includes insurance no limit on kart entries
$ 10.00 observer spectator pit and/or pass crew pit pass 
People can arrive before 8 a.m. but gates won't be open till 8 a.m. unless track people are already there.
plenty of room to park and wait.
there is gonna be an EMT onsite with ambulance.
it cost a ton but we'd rather they nap all day rather than use them!!

Engines start at 10 a.m.

Here's how we'll run day.

  • current plan is same open track time in skid pad area.
  • we'll have at least one grid running the big track enduro style probably after lunch so late arrivals don't miss out.
  • as it's a play day we expect you to have fun
  • BUT we still require full tech especially any karts running the big track. unsafe or unprepared karts won't get to run so do your prep work NOW.
  • driver meeting will be at about 9.30 a.m. even though it's a playday attendance is mandatory.

  • lunch at noon 
    engines off bench racing startsconcessions may be open but plan well . bringing your own lunch would be a good plan.
  • 12.30 we'll discuss how we'll run the big track get an idea of who is going out there.
  • 1.00 pm engines can lite back up skid pad track will be open
at some point we'll send out the enduro crowd for at least one grid. any sprints wanting to run the enduro track are well advised to add fuel storage capacity.
the main straight is almost 3.000 feet all by itself total big track is roughly 1.7 miles long.

  • 5 p.m. Picnic Style dinner 
7.00 donation for dinner is being asked but if you're totally broke we'll feed ya.
hot dogs hamburgers and probably italian sausage made by T.T. with peppers and onion.
chips and picnic sides too.
if you want a beer with dinner bring your own in fact bring one for the cook too it'll get you up a place or two in the chow line!!
Thank you Ted.

 Chris would say we're over thinking things again but i for one am happy you named the event in his memory.
just this once i'd disagree with him and say naming an event after him is the right thing for an East Coaster to do!!

besides he was beyond pleased with how you ran your event and was excited to see it being repeated.
i know this was gonna be the highlite of his what he considered the best way to run these old machines.

to a lot of the guys it would seem the East Coast guys are going a little over the top because we've lost Chris S.
to us a huge part of the knowledge we all share has been lost forever.

  Chris was involved with vintage karting before anyone thought about vintage karting being a viable hobby or sport.
he had thirty/ thirty-five years in vintage karting starting with drooling over used racing karts being sold nearby his home..
Chris started with karts when he was a kid.
at 49 he wasn't even born till 1968 so he never knew karting when it was a new sport.
he wasn't even 18 before 1987 but he still developed a love for the old kart stuff before it was even very old and just considered obsolete.
he talked with all the old guys who had raced the early karts and he seemed to remember it all.
if you knew Chris you'd never guess from talking to him about vintage karts that he was only 49.
his depth of knowledge was vast and there was very little he couldn't tell you about the historic through mid 70's karts.

he was fascinated with the early karts and from a very young age was a hardcore swap meet guy.
so he saw and bought the stuff when everyone felt they wqere selling off the old junk.
 he bought about everything vintage kart he saw that was good or usable.
he also found and bought out shops long before anyone thought they were worth anything.

he wasn't a hoarder more of a preservationist.
if he had a part you needed you only had to ask.
often he'd just give it to you or charge so little as it amounted to the same thing.
long ago i lost count of how many people we met here and there who had stuff chris originally owned or were in karting because of chris.

 in a large part the way i see vintage and where it should go was shaped by the endless conversations Chris and i had over the years.
to him a playday simply running the karts at speed was the most important thing.

racing though he admired it wasn't interesting to him.
his view was why wear out what we can't replace screwing around with racing?
and restoration was not his thing.
he's get a kart anywhere from near perfect to barn rough and love them just as found.
he'd restore the function of everything and leave the rest alone.

Teds event as it is right now is the perfect reflection of what Chris thought vintage should be all about.
let anyone who shows up run their gear as long as it's safe.
he " ahem" even didn't care if it was a play kart.
a fun day running equipment build in a time when everything was simpler.
who could ask for more.
Dave L.
Nice words for Chris ....thanks Dave and Ted for sharing this.....

Chris....represented the type of person  that makes Vintage Karting so popular and a past-time to get involved in,
your words about Chris are what most are looking for from this hobby, sure there are lots of Vintage Racers involved,
but I feel ...just like back when all this got started, there are many more just looking for something fun to do that doesn't
take a lot of money and  you can do it yourself .

Sometimes I notice there are more non members or " hidden " people using the Forum then those of us that signed up,
the so called "lurkers" are either wannbe '  vintage owners or have acquired an old kart and want to have the same experience that Chris enjoyed with his vintage karts......they may be a bit intimidated by the racing aspect of this sport, while the best part is just having fun working on the kart and making laps.

Like Chris.....a parking lot away from the public works, as long as the police department doesn't tell you to get going "Or Else" !

The more Play-Days the better, you can do your own thing, hang out with a few friends, it's a great being a kid again .......even when you're considered an "Old Guy" by those somewhat younger.....nothing beats having a simple racing kart to have fun !

Losing Chris is so sad, not fair in the scheme of life and a shock for all his friends, but he knew how  to have fun and that's something to remember .......he was a guy that knew what Vintage Karting was about, the heart of it .....

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Vintage Event guys especially in New England
Oct 8 is rapidly approaching.
so get ready to have a fun weekend.

first there's cuddebackville with it's traditional Oct weekend
that's friday and saturday.

hopefully the boys who run aren't too tired and will wander up to Thompson speedway in ct for a casual vintage playday.
we aren't sure if we'll ever get the full track to ourselves ever again this cancellation was a fluke .
normally the rent on the full track is 14,000.00 bux so we are extremely lucky to have been given the track for the day.
read first post to get details but fees are 50.00 for drivers pit pass included
10.00 for simple pit pass
so do your best to get there.
Dave L.
i sprung for some banners one will be gifted to the familly.

here,s a pix hope it's acceptable!

.pdf   banner.pdf (Size: 49.02 KB / Downloads: 26)
Dave L.
Thumbs Up 
Nice to hear a classy move to honor a fine man whose passion for the sport was unmatched. I only met Chris  once but I was impressed by his laid back demeanor and his willingness to help.  Again thank you Ted and David for this opportunity to attend another truly special event.
(09-23-2017, 05:09 AM)Mark Sousa Wrote: Nice to hear a classy move to honor a fine man whose passion for the sport was unmatched. I only met Chris  once but I was impressed by his laid back demeanor and his willingness to help.  Again thank you Ted and David for this opportunity to attend another truly special event.

it's really teds event i'm only assisting when he's outta town .
but i'll take the thank you anyway!! Big Grin
Dave L.
Dave L.

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