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Rupp Turbine Front Wheels
I have a set of very nice, beautifully polished Rupp front turbine wheels.  I sent them down to Sam Bennett to be cleaned and polished and of course they look very nice.  The down side to this is that is caused the thin chrome plating to flake ever so slightly on the outside lip only.   It is difficult to see in the pictures taken with my IPhone.  I also have placed small pieces of blue tape next to the few nicks.  These wheels really are in great shape.  Sam suggested either spraying the chrome with a thin coat of clear laquer or having the wheels buffed out and replated.  I am asking $160.00 for the pair plus shipping.  I will be happy to send additional pictures to anyone interested.   These are 5" wheels

Forum Terms of Sale (from James Waltz)

erms of offer to sell (aka, the "fine print"):
1.  This is not an auction.  There are no rules.  Ebay has rules.  This is not eBay.
2.  Offers to buy and all discussion only by PM, e-mail or phone call – not on the Forum. I'm not interested in assassinating your character, or having my character assassinated.                
3.Generally the successful buyer will be the first person to agree to buy the item at a specific price.  I don’t play bidding war games.  Life is too short.    4.  I reserve the right to not sell to anyone, at my discretion.  Please play nice.
5. All items are offered as-is, with no guarantees and no returns.  I may make an exception to this in special cases.                 
6.  Expectations of rapid response to PM’s and rapid shipping should be laid aside in favor of exercising your virtue of patience.
I may be quick, or I may be slow – but I always deliver.

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Re-post of the listing.
(02-11-2017, 02:22 PM)Sterling Brundick Wrote: Re-post of the listing.

5" or 4"..

(02-11-2017, 08:07 PM)Bob Alexander Wrote:
(02-11-2017, 02:22 PM)Sterling Brundick Wrote: Re-post of the listing.

5" or 4"..


They look like 5" but I would like to know the same thing.

My apoligies fellas for leaving that important info out.  They are 5".
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