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for sale disclaimer we suggest you use and abide by
Terms of offer to sell (aka, the "fine print"):
1.  This is not an auction.  There are no rules.  Ebay has rules.  This is not eBay.
2.  Offers to buy and all discussion only by PM, e-mail or phone call – not on the Forum. I'm not interested in assassinating your character, or having my character assassinated.                
3.Generally the successful buyer will be the first person to agree to buy the item at a specific price.  I don’t play bidding war games.  Life is too short.    4.  I reserve the right to not sell to anyone, at my discretion.  Please play nice.
5. All items are offered as-is, with no guarantees and no returns.  I may make an exception to this in special cases.                 
6.  Expectations of rapid response to PM’s and rapid shipping should be laid aside in favor of exercising your virtue of patience.
I may be quick, or I may be slow – but I always deliver.

created by James Waltz
In the words of that great American kart guy......Jimmy Waltz ! " I may be quick, or I may be slow – but I always deliver"
The old racing saying of "you go as good as you look!"
Use with my permission
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA

So, just this week I had a Forum member that got kind of excited about not receiving the item he purchased according to the timetable he had in mind (after initially stating in a PM that he was "in no rush"), including his making some disparaging remarks in PM's and using assorted characters (that usually are meant to take the place of cursing).

So, I reminded him of the "fine print" that appeared in the listing for the item, and suggested, in a mildly assertive fashion, that he did indeed need to exercise his virtue of patience.

It took me a little over two weeks to get the item out in the mail, which was a delay mostly due to the fact that I had just moved and my whole household was in chaos - which I had explained to him, and had even apologized more than once.

It was good to be able to fall back on the "fine print" and remind him that "speed", per se, was not a guaranteed or even implied part of the transaction.
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA

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