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tons of video's
videos like this are on our Facebook page, Welte Racing.
Another highlight video from the VKA races at Sugar River Raceway. This is in the Sportsman Rear and Over 60 combined classes. Steve battling with Jeff Hoff lap after lap. Another great race, 2 fast sportsman rear karts.

A great race from a couple of years ago VKA - Brodhead for the win between Steve (in Sportsman Rear Class) and Jerry Nagel (in the Over 60 Class).

[/url][Image: safe_image.php?d=AQBE4QhY57UiLvDY&w=158&...43XWXIscFh]

2015 VKA Brodhead Sportsman Rear & Over 60 Classes
Great race for the win between a Sportsman Rear class kart driven by Steve Welte and Over 60 Class kart driven by Jerry Nagel.
Just a beginner looking for some tips please
Tom.....if you are serious about Vintage's the place to get involved near you .

As to your YouTube site, my tip is to not Go Pro your feet on rental karts for thirteen minutes.....not entertaining at all

Sad I took one look , skipped to the end and good bye !

Watch the Welte's YouTube videos for reality Vintage videos Big Grin

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