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Vintage Kart Websites
There are more and more vintage kart websites popping up. As you may have noticed we are currently the youngest site for vintage karting on the net. we aren't exactly newbes but this forum is pretty new. As the main purpose is to promote vintage Karting we've listed all the Web pages we know about. if your forum was missed please let us know and it'll be added. when and if i get around to it the weblinks will be put into a cooler format.
but for now they are simple touch links.

VKA website
VKA facebook page

 The Vintage Kart Association Web Site. These guys arte responsible for the "Suggestions" on rules for Vintage Events. Anyone creating a vintage event needs to use the VkA guidelines if they expect decent attendance at their event.Vintage Karters look for these rules to be used to ensure consistency and safety at the events they attend. There is also Thousands of event pictures giving anyone looking an idea of what they are missing at the live events.

VKCA webpage
Vintage Kart Club of America facebook page
Vintage Kart Club currently has no forum just a web page for announcements. They do have the above facebook page which is a decent chat room for vintage stuff.

Rear engine karts
Rear Engined Karts forum is mostly about rear engined karts. it's main goal is to promote Rear engine Kart restoration and their stellar event The Big One or as many know it [b]T.B.O. [/b]Held in Fredmont Ohio it is the go to place for anyone wishing to see the absolute best U.S.A. restored vinttage karts. As a vintage karting event is is possibly the oldest and certainly the longest running vintage event to Attend. Rear engined American powered karts only Please.They have what was originally a "silly" prize "the Biggie" as an event award for the four Best Karts attending. The secret rules and judges ad to the mistique. Currently winning a "biggie" is considered the top award in the world of restoration minded Vintage Karters. There are no racing grids run just simple track time and bench racing .

Allan King,
I would like to submit our website:

Vintage Karts Prix Website

VP  Qld Vintage & Historic Karting Inc
Brisbane , Australia

Vintage karts brazil (facebook)

a very interesting club have a look

Vintage Kart Website Forum
(This forum has crashed currently still broken)
The Vintage Kart Website Forum. Currently the top ranked forum on the net. It Has thousands of posts about identifying and fixing vintage kart anything. The best part is the informatiuon is almost all extremely accurate and useful.

vintage karts web site  
 Web Site for Go Karting History, certainly the oldest.originally Created by Bob DiNozzi it became the go to site for vintage karters long before anyone else. It is currently owned and maintained by Gary Emilio.

Vintage Kart Collection
He has perhaps one of the finest vintage karts collection in Europe that exists to date. I originally found this site many years ago looking for parts to my Gilson Excalibur.The path it lead to has been interesting.
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Facebook links for vintage karting:
vintage karts . com web group

[Image: th_11017682_10205794254436250_5617138255948500569_n.jpg]
(for website tap image)
vintage kart parts internet store
business page face book


[Image: th_vka_logo240_zpsoielrb9o.jpg]
(for website tap image)

Mission Statement
The Vintage Karting Association (VKA) is established for the support of Vintage Go Karts originally manufactured from karting’s 1956 inception to those karts made in 1975. The VKA provides members a forum for communications, event support, technical expertise, equipment sources, shop resources, karts & parts classifieds, information exchange, fellowship, and camaraderie.
[Image: th_vka_logo240_zpsoielrb9o.jpg]
Vision Statement

The VKA vision is to grow Vintage Kart participation, further the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of Vintage Go-Karts in a safety minded venue. The VKA promotes the exhibition of these now historic machines, in both a Static Display format highlighting the restoration talents of our members, and Demonstration Events allowing members the opportunity to operate functional historical machines on a track recreating the look and excitement of actual competition events. The VKA hopes to create new friendships amongst members and non-members, renew old memories of those lucky enough to have witnessed karting in its early days, to educate today’s kart enthusiasts by showing them how it all began, and to pass this heritage on, ensuring the machines and attendant skills will not be lost in the future.

[Image: th_2d039506-d096-496d-9eb3-2734f4137421_zps0vtkj06j.gif]
(for website tap image)
The VKCA has been formed as a non-profit corporation. The leadership of the club is a board of directors comprised of the following member elected officers; President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Director. There will be a variety of appointed board advisors that will not have voting privileges.
The five officers will serve a term of two years, with election dates staggered as follows:  VP, Secretary and Membership Director positions up for election in odd years, President and Treasurer positions will be up for election in even years. Member elections will be held annually to vote in the officers that are up for election in that year. The advisors shall be appointed by the Board and serve a term of one year.
[Image: th_2d039506-d096-496d-9eb3-2734f4137421_zps0vtkj06j.gif] 
The rules for this club have been formed for simplicity and enjoyment of the participant. Vintage kart track demonstrations are not intended to be a form of all-out competitive racing, but a means of celebrating the racing heritage of the karts while minimizing the risk to both karts and drivers.
The club intends to promote interest and activities for vintage karts by providing on and off-track events, open communication through regular newsletters and board participation in Web site forums, awards for member achievements( other than track performance), plus incentives and support for promoters to ensure their events will run smoothly and with the best opportunity to be financially viable.
VKCA events are for production race karts maintained as nearly as possible to their original specification for their era, and to be demonstrated in a sportsmanlike manner. VKCA demonstrations provide a margin which accepts the irreplaceable nature of a piece of racing history as taking precedence over the driver’s need to win. Flagged heat races at (some) events, provide that competitive track time needed for some drivers. Driving manners and respect for others’ safety and equipment is paramount! Cooperation between fast and not-so-fast is mandatory. The veteran respects the beginner’s right to the track, and the beginner respects the veteran’s right to motor to the extent of his ability and good judgment. The participant, whose only purpose is winning, has no place at VKCA events
facebook page

Official Facebook Group for the Vintage Kart Club of America (VKCA)
This Group is used to communicate, share ideas, photos, videos, tech and all things positive related to vintage karting. It’s also used to encourage you to get involved and to join the VKCA. It’s affordable and fun! To find out more about the VKCA and to join the club visit the official club website at All official business is handled by the VKCA Board. Board members can be reached via their email addresses listed on the club website.
The Vintage Kart Club of America (VKCA) was formed by a group of vintage kart enthusiasts interested in promoting and preserving the appreciation, recognition and restoration of vintage karts manufactured in the era from 1956 through 1975.
VKCA is a club where all like-minded vintage karters can meet, exchange ideas, and enjoy the sport with kart shows, swap meets, and on-track demonstrations.

Rear Engine Karts
Reportedly the biggest Vintage Karting Event in the world.
Certainly the very best venue to see extremely rare perfectly restored historic and Vintage american powered rear engined karts.
Held annually on labor day it should be on everyone's who loves vintage karts bucket list.
Rear is best understood by going to their site and reading a few things.
mostly their rules are Rear engined , american powered, fan cooled motors only.
they have STRICT tire rules.
There is a great swap meet held during the event with many rare and hard to find parts.
[Image: 7e28c34a-2aa0-4668-9856-0f4be1c45373_zpswcld2kyy.png]
(for website tap image)
karting Magazine Archives : it has all the back issues they've ever written on line and searchable

neat foreign engine site has rebuilt instructions and engine specs

Dave L.
dave research this site
Dave L.

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