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CT Alloy wheels
I'm looking for a set of front and rear, FIRST generation, CLEAN, CT Alloy 5" magnesium wheels. No cracks nor breaks, please, and rims/beads must be in good shape. Thanks. Ted Johnson
got some high priced ones on ebay....
Thanks, Mark. I looked at them. One of the red back wheels looks like it's broken through the center 1" part of the hub. I will keep an eye on the fronts, though. CT's were notorious for breaking the rears. I spun the spokes right out of two rears with my dual Mc30 GK 1200. I drove back to the pits on the sprockets. The second CT outputs were aluminum, and they work O.K. I have a set of those on the Photon, courtesy of our good George Sellon. The Ted
This one is allegedly new on ebay.

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