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I recently finished an Aquakart restoration.  I had it at TBO.  Here are some pictures of the restoration and finished project

[Image: SAM_0138.JPG][Image: SAM_0143.JPG][Image: SAM_0799.JPG][Image: SAM_0805.JPG][Image: SAM_0807.JPG]

Here is a link to view all pictures
Beautiful job, Rick. Brings back awful memories of having to get WET! Ted
Thanks Ted.
luckily it was mostly there only a few pieces I hade to make or hunt down and buy. the last piece arrived 2 days ago
that was the speedo pick up or pitot.
It's funny. We lived quite near the Indian River and several good sized lakes in Brevard County, Florida, but hydrokarts never caught on there. I actually had a Wotta Whip for a short time, but I don't like to get wet, so I stuck with the outboard runabout and the land karts. You did a bang-up job on the machine! Ted

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