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Chilton reproduction fuel tanks
Greg Gouveia (Gregs Speed Shop) is willing to reproduce his Chilton reproduction fuel tanks if he gets 30 deposits. Greg will offer these at $495.00 each tank, he needs a 50% ($245.00) deposit, the deposit is non refundable unless he does not get 30 deposits. The tanks will be finished in "straight chrome" sometimes called flash chrome, the same finish as the original Chilton tanks. Tanks will have two outlets in the bottom. The picture is of one I bought over 10 years ago and very well used on my A-bone. They are a very nice reproduction of the original Chilton tanks. It will take 3 to 4 months after the 30 deposits are collected. If Greg does not receive 30 deposits your deposit will be refunded.  If you need one or just want one to hang on your wall send your deposit of $245.00, check or money order to:

Greg Gouveia
2030 Via Zacata Pl.
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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.jpg   Chilton reproduction fuel tank.jpg (Size: 5.81 MB / Downloads: 20)
.jpg   Chilton reproduction fuel tank 2.jpg (Size: 4.58 MB / Downloads: 14)
.jpg   Chilton reprodution fuel tank 3.jpg (Size: 4.18 MB / Downloads: 12)
.jpg   Chilton reproduction fuel tank back side.jpg (Size: 4.82 MB / Downloads: 13)
Typical Greg quality, Louie. Both my Photon and n1ke have Greg's Palmini repop floor tanks. He did a super job on both of them. Ted

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