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Piston coatings
Chris Borowick
Line2Line Coatings West
1406 #4 Industrial Way
Gardnerville, NV 89410

These guys, whose main office is in Michigan, graphite coat pistons. They can build up a worn piston and make it like new. Their coating runs in iron, chrome or Nikasil bores. They are loosely associated with US Chrome (Nikasil) in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. They are able to add up to .015 to a piston to save it. The process is not expensive, and is alky compatible. Here's a vid that Mark Loraine found on Nikasil, and the vid is also Line2line Coatings. Ted
Anybody with half a brain knows you put a new piston, rod, and rod bolts in a rebuilt motor.
Tom, some pistons you just can't get any more. The idea of coating to build up is for an emergency. I have a thin ring +.010 Wiseco in the hot 610. I've been looking for another one for years. I found ONE thin ring, and it is +.050. The Mac rings are nearly a thousand RPM faster than the factory .030 rings. I agree. On a Mac, you find a fresh piston and switch out, but some engines are more rare. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Even the Hartman oversize rings are hard to find. Plenty of Mac rings, but the Hartman Super Sealers are better. I'm also aware that there are guys hoarding parts, but they won't part with them. Ted

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