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my entry rick violet rupp dart restoration
(03-06-2017, 10:26 PM)Art Romanelli Wrote: Nice work !! Both karts look beautiful.

thanks, Art
I don't care for the carb on the Clinton , going to put a tillotson carb on in a few weeks

fixed the carb problem with a west bend
Rick, the Dart looks beautiful. I like the colors. Don't give up on the A400. Clintons take well to the addition of a Tilly carb. I remember having small adapters water jet cut for the dual Clinton Fox Ron Cubel had. Just remember the pulse hole on the carb. TJ
thanks Ted, I have a drilled manifold and carb for the a400. when I went to put it on the throttle shaft was hitting
the backing cover. didn't want to cut the shaft or notch the backing plate so I put it back how it was.
Just saw this. Beautiful project. I drool every time I see Sam Bennett's work.....
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA

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