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Vintage Kart Build Off 2016
time frame
i think a year from the beginning is about right as a limit.
that way everyone gets a chance to finish.
everyone needs to start at the same time more or less.
 we'll want before pix posted before videos would be even better.
possibly a thread on actually finding and purchasing the project would be neat.
So posting a before pix at the start of this contest is a RULE.
as we are all Nosey we'll want monthly updates.
it can be one pix or many a short write up about whats been done would be required too.
nothing fancy.
 just heres what gotten done kinda thing.
a better and possible tie breaker idea would be to post LOTS of pix and descriptions of
 Why did you did what was done
Who did the work
What was/has been done
 Where did you get parts or find repair
that way we'll get info shared and see your thinking.

we need PRIZES mostly because i can.
 so i'm thinking i'll make up some found object trophies outta broken parts.
 something like the trophies i've given at the cuddeback events.

for the BEST kart i think we're gonna have real loot not sure what yet but it'll be Great.

for the Classes.
 not sure but heres my thoughts
Owner built Class
kart has to be at least 70% built by owner.
things like upholstory,powder coating,rewelding and chrome are allowed by outside help.
Professional Class
kart is built by mostly professionals owner still required to find project and build at least 30% of kart

Categories will be simple
Period correct
Full restoration
Owner modified
Best engine
Best paint
Peoples Choice

i'm thinking final showing will require a video of some sort going around every bit of the kart.
Since we don't have video function here we may need to have a alternative website set up with a link for now.

Finally we have ALOT of guys on the forum that aren't in the USA.
you are WELCOME to enter you project if you like.
the idea is while we may not ever actually meet in person everyone who loves vintage karts gets a chance to show their stuff.
my finger is sore so i'll stop now.

dave l.
For this year we are gonna allow any kart that has been started to be built/restored into contest as long as it's somewhere below 1/2 finished.
if it all works out febuary of 2016 will be the target date which will actually give everyone most of TWO winters to work.

on scratch built vintage era correct karts
This contest has a modified class that isn't about exactly when it was built.
the kart has to use original vintage parts but can have a frame that wasn't available "back in the day" but is built in the spirit of a specific era.
Builder must specify target era explain why it "could have been" and be reasonably accurate as per judges opinion.
i guess in short it would be a total ground up kart built with era correct specs and actual era built drivetrain and equipment.

dave l.
if we start in feb 2016 and end in feb 2017 we are allowing a year.

i know there are a few guys with skills time and money to get done sooner but this isn't a speedy race .
it's a competition to build something great.
most everyone here is on a budget and have to find the parts that they need and can afford.
which can take a long time.

i think giving a year is reasonable.
not everyone has a HUGE pile o stuff to just draw off of to get the parts to build a kart.
in fact most of the guys will be stressed just finding those "perfect" parts in less than a year.

enough said

we are working out the details but heres what i currently have for you.

1. to start we need a project pile o parts pix so we can see what each starts as in the beginning.
We encourage actual live video with commentary though still pix will be allowed.

we will be creating a utube channel linked to the forum to give contestants a place to post video footage.

suggestions for video are actual search and purchase footage if possible.
 including a where did the seller get it sort of thing.
also build footage explaining what and why ect ect.

every month progress reports need to be updated
we'll allow still pix to be posted on the forum pages but we'd rather see progress videos with possibly live commentaries.

there will be a commentary section for each contestant too.

that's what we have so far.

dave l.
Categories will be simple

heres what i said before

Period correct 
built as if to race using period correct parts.
parts will need to be within 3 years before and after actual production dates. of course within reason no adding a modern motor that maybe was available but a reasonable person would know was not commonly used.

Full restoration 100 point VKA rules.
ie everyone starts with 100 points: damaged poorly restored bits lose points and any non correct parts like modern chain , tires , drive parts ect will have points subtracted.

Owner modified open class
period correct but can be scratch built period correct equipment.
ie a rear engine kart running a yamaha would NOT be period correct.
extra chrome,powder coating splashy paint all allowed. Crazy engines ect also allowed

Best engine
basically the best restored hot rodded engine.period correct speed equipment is the idea here. fancy intakes extra dodads any vintage speed equipment encouraged.

Best paint
can be period correct or biker hot rod style with flames cartoons whatever

Peoples Choice
the one everyone says is best. one vote per forum member.

Best non USA Vintage Kart entry
this one is for anyone competing in the other countries.this award will help offset the USA parts availability advantage .

i'm not gonna make separate catagories for sidewinders rears ect.
if it's within the years we allow at the track as per VKA rules it has the right to compete.

How you should document your build.

pile o parts
i thought about doing the pile o parts template and actually like that as one method of doing your build off.
i know lots of guys who've been gathering parts for years that probably will follow this pattern.
buy as you go
Another avenue to follow on the build would be to post just the barn find as you found it.
in that template the journey to completion would include posts on parts search/purchases.

the buy as you go style will take alot longer thus the year time frame.
plus many karters aren't exactly rolling in money and may have to save and pay as they go.

both should include detailed pix of disassembly,damaged parts as found,repairs as done ect ect.
i definitely will be one of the judges and my criteria will include how much in depth videos/pix and explanatory threads you post with the project.
i know some don't exactly like to post on the forum but maybe by making it a extra edge in the judging will change their minds.

part of the goals would be to have a whole bunch of different people showing off building and rebuilding technics.
stuff that would help a newbe in their journey to become a better restorer themselves.

dave l.

now i KNOW you all have been waiting for this!!!

there will be three different found object art trophies awarded

when i get them designed and built they'll be posted for everyone to see.

 we have several donations that were supposed to be raffled off to build new forum software.
as it turned out that hasn't happened.
so i have several neat items that will be part of the prize packages.

 First Prize for the Best Kart Overall will be chosen by overall points,judge input and popular vote.
The prize will be a mc91 engine that was donated in pieces and rebuilt.
the finishes are already very nice but will be fully done over.
 i found a powder coater now who has exactly the right amount of wrinkle in his black powdercoat.

i'll have to look at what else is there.
i recall a few neat things but it's been a while.
 i suspect i'll be adding a few cool items myself to make things interesting.
are we considering doing one later 2017 going into 2018?

i already started working on the other kart, but still have my Panther X to do work on at Christmas time.
not sure.
with all that went on in the last year the contest kinda got lost.
i am considering a reboot but allowing those guys that were in this to just enter what they built
Dave L.

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