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2021 Vintage Kart Wall Calendar
The 2021 Vintage Kart Wall Calendar is in production. The theme this year is the 2020 Virtual Vintage Kart Show. ALL the winners are showcased and several Honorable Mentions are included.... some fine equipment! It'll brighten up your shop, office, den, or kitchen. Great for the kids, too, especially if they have left the roost.

Price is the same this year ... $15 each for the first 3. After that, each calendar is $10, so if you want 4, $55. Blocks of 10 are available for $100 if you have lots of people on your Christmas list.... boom, you are done and no fighting the crowds. Personal ads (Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions) are $5 per date square.

If you have any connections with business, clubs, or tracks that may want to sell to their customers or members, please pass this along to them. Blocks of 10 for $100 are also available to them... and at $15 retail, they can put $50 in their kitty.

Order and payment deadline is November 1st. Friend thru PayPal to is preferred. Be sure to include YOUR mailing address. Message or email me for MY mailing address. 

All the profits go to a non-profit to help research for a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia.  In the last 4 years, vintage karters have helped donate over $10,000.  We're not done yet.
love the ability to buy through paypal. 
am ordering a couple right now.
d Cool
Dave L.

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