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Rupp on BAT
It is great to see a rear engine kart on BAT fetch 8700.00. 

Not so great is the flipper who sold this failed to disclose what the original seller did. A very rust pitted frame filled with putty.

The restorer did a great job! And was honest about what he did.

The flipper Well....??????

How would any of you would like this machine next to you or your kids and the frame split in half at speed?

Draw your own conclusions.
(06-13-2020, 05:36 PM)DEAN KANOCZ Wrote: I hate dishonest sellers period.  I've called a couple on BS and the really crappy ones say stick it.  You know where I'd like to stick it....  Some people have too much money and no brains.  Why can't I find that type when I have nice stuff for sale?
crooked sellers suck,,,,but I guess stupidity reigns,,,,

I even deleted a couple guys on FB over this BS...


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