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Belt Starter
I have a belt starter but I need to know what size belt belt or number.The belt I have is to wide  anyone  have a make and belt number.
..usually you just find one that fits in the pulley and the length you need to make it work,,,,IMO longer is better than shorter,,,standard mower belts seem to be the norm
Most kart starters use a fractional horsepower belt, like GW says. A "4L" width belt is 1/2" wide X 5/16" deep in cross-section. The length of a belt is measured around the outside circumference of the belt. Thus, a 4L300 belt is 1/2" wide and 30" in length, measured around the outside as it's stretched over the pulleys. This applies ONLY to fractional HP (mower style) belts. LORD, it's been a loooong time since I remembered that bit, but it still applies to FHP inch size belts. Ted
Thanks thats all I needed know thank you very much.what a Great site.

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