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WB 700 5 port tags
Looking for two West Bend 700 5 port shroud ident plates. One engine is left, one is right hand. Thanks. Ted Johnson
I know there was someone one eBay selling these last year. I would like to have a couple more too.
I seldom come into need for other than 820/610 stuff, but I am rebuilding a pair of nice 700's for my pal, Charlie. Thanks. Ted
(03-26-2020, 11:57 AM)ted johnson Wrote: Looking for two West Bend 700 5 port shroud ident plates. One engine is left, one is right hand. Thanks. Ted Johnson

I have a few ident plates left over.  How can you tell the model?

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Heck, Bob, I will have to email Frank Moore and ask him! There's an old post from Louie Figone on REAR that mentions 700 five port models 70012 and 70013, but there may've been others as well. If you want to sell the one stamped 70012, I'm definitely interested. Ted
Looking on REAR, at the Operating Instructions and Parts List for the 70012/70013 engines, it looks like those models have transfer port covers, and have LH and RH threaded flywheel nuts respectively. 

The 70007/70008 manual does not show transfer port covers, and those models are listed with RH and LH threaded flywheel nuts, respectively.  

(I hope that the inversion of evens and odds is factually correct and not a typo in one or the other manual)

I'm inferring, for example, that the 70012 and 70008 models with LH threaded flywheel nuts are spinning clockwise, as viewed at the flywheel, and therefore CCW if looking at the PTO.  So these would be the "Left Hand" engines?
Kurt, left hand engines sit on the left side of the kart, as you are sitting in the seat. left hand engines have right hand thread cranks, and vise versa. Ted
Ted, grab that 70012 ID tag, it's for a CW at the pto as you know. Hope you can find the 70013 ID tag, if not someone was reproducing tags for West Bends and Power Products a while ago. The production of 5 port West Bends was short, 6 months, all 5 ports, 580's and 700's were designated with a 12 or 13 after the engine size.
Louie, Bob Alexander has the 70012 tag. You're welcome to grab it from him. Terry Sullivan is having Charlie LaGrande make new tags for both these engines. I figured I mat as well get them from a single source. If you want any new repop tags, I can give you Charlie LaGrande's email and phone number. He can even make the SA 616 Libberton tags. Call me or email. Ted
Ted, I don't need any tags, you grab it.


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