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Internal axle tube bearing replacement
Has anyone removed and replaced bearings that are inside a tube axle?  


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Whats the problem? Pop that seal out and find out what is under there. I would think there is probably an open ball bearing. I have seen tapered rollers on some. But dont expect yours is so equipped.
What’s the best way to get the seal out?
Brad, get the axle out of the way, stick a good sized screwdriver in there and pry the seal out. You'll have to either jury rig a puller, or buy/rent one to get the bearing out, though you COULD stick a long rod through to the opposite side bearing and knock it out with a suitable hammer. The seal should pry out with no trouble. Ted
Got it this far.

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Well bless my britches! You got one of them tapered roller bearing axles.. My oh my. If bearing is tight on axle you will need to remove all nicks and burrs for it to slide of without galling things up bad. You should be able to tap it from one side to remove bearing. Then it all falls apart.
I was able to tap out the seal on the left side by tapping the end of the axle on the right with a board and hammer. Once I got the seal off I used a 3/4 inch open end wrench behind the bearing and it started to move and slide off. Then I was able to slide the whole axle out and remove the right bearing which was the stubborn one. I was actually surprised how good of shape the axle is in. The bearings I think are good to reuse but the seals are shot. I looked up the number but had no luck. I’m sure I should be able to find new seals.

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You dont need seals. That is if you dont leave the kart outside in bad weather or rely of a car wash to clean. Just a simple shield works fine. Probably find some chinese money close to the right size.

There is no reason to pack the bearings like is typical for other things. Just a few drops of oil when ever you decide to take it for a spin.
I think I’ll just use the originals. I found a seal to replace them if I want. It’s part number 10035.

I don’t plan on running this kart much. It’s gonna look pretty though!

Thanks for the help!

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