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Spark points
Hello, what is the maximum maximum rpm range without the points floating? Can you know? Maverick spark is unlimited? Regards
I'm not a maverick spark expert, but I believe the maximum rpm before points start to float is mostly determined by the spring tension of the points set. I suppose the profile of the points cam has some effect, but now I am way out of my league.

I'm not qualified to answer either.  But you came to the right place.  Maybe 6 months ago there was a very good thread on maverick spark.  It should be possible to find it in the archives.  (That's the good thing about this forum vs. FB.)

Show up at Avon in New York and Scott K puts on a great show and tell about marverick spark. He has done it twice and both times I have learn something new. Scott is an excellent teacher on the subject.

Alex -- now that I see you are located in Germany it would be a great trip over and you can see some great hospitality in New York. The gentleman you want to talk to is Scott Kneisel. Look him up under members of this site and write him direct.
With pistons being in short supply I don't use the maverick. Too easy to destroy a piston.
Here is a recent thread which is probably the conversation Doug referred to:

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