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stock .093 580 5 port rings
Have an old 580 5 port piston. It has .093 thick rings. I need one set NOS rings for this piston. Thanks. Ted
Check with Frank Moore. He builds a lot of WB
Thanks, terry. Frank and I are in contact. I haven't even a clue as to the origin of this piston. It has no MFG. stamp inside. Do you know a supplier of the standard WB 1/16" thick rings? Thanks. Ted
You might have to try Otto?
Terry, I don't think I'm going that far. I will find a real West bend, or better yet, a thin ring 5 port piston sooner or later. Charlie is heading to Florida, so he's in no rush to get the second engine back. I actually won't send either engine to him until I know he's back home. Thanks. Ted
Vince has some WB pistons on his web site.

BEEELIEVE me, Terry! I've been on the phone with Vince! He's been a big help, as has been Frank Moore. It may be that we have found a thin ring piston. That'd mean that both engines would run the same. Thank you. It's a blessing that Charlie left for his Florida vacation yesterday. That gives me some time. I'm trying to get the Libberton 610 Charlie sent me reassembled and on the gearbox for the n1ke. We have Tucson next month. Have a good week. Ted

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