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am home. 
we watched glen graduate in lite rain.
was pretty cool.
he has changed and is better for it.
we stayed to hang out saturday and rasn home sunday.
i once again was admiring the country in the blue mountains may think some more about moving.
the land is similar to my home close to salt water and kinda more central to karting events.
the tax rate is as always my biggest consideration .
ct. is in the dumper with the greedy tax code ,  thus my thoughts of moving.

anyway just sat around today working on bills and paperwork. 15 hour drive beat me up. 
will wander around tomorrow and maybe make gary happy!

btw terry,
i have a mcculloch with a blade that long. 
swapped driver gear to replace chain with more modern easier to find pitch.
the old chain is part of pile i have in a bucket somewheres.
if i ever get the title to the house the bucket will probably turn up when i shift tools to new shop at home.
could happen!
d Cool
Dave L.
(02-13-2020, 10:41 PM)David Luciani Wrote: i have a pile o chain and excess gear boxes. 
getting me disconnected from the stupidity life sends me is the problem.
anyway, you'd probably both die from shock if i shipped something quickly.

the flu b.s. seems to be less and less. 
still have a nasty cough.
not helping having to drive a whole bunch of people down to new york airport yesterday.
 then go home sleep a little then up at 3.30 am.
so right now i'm in charleston s.c. .
we left at 4 am to get here at a reasonable hour.

tomorrow i go watch my nephew graduate from marine boot camp.
that starts at 7.30 am and we're about two hours travel away. 
so ANOTHER  early start day.

i guess this is my new how to kill the flu method.
i'm dragging flu around all over the country till it is so tired it just leaves to bug someone less active!

but , a very cool moment in his life and a good turning point i think. 
then back home hopefully will get some dave stuff done next week like getting gary his brake parts!

d Cool


you said bug ya...
long day doing b.s. errands that need doing after being sick so long.
try again tomorrow.
d Cool
Dave L.

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