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Wow! McCulloch 's Ad Campaign (1974)
McCulloch Kart Racing Engines started the year with a big splash ad campaign with seven full-size pages placed in this "Karter News" issue. Wow!
Karter News - 1974 February.

.jpg   PW_KN 197402 14 McCulloch ad.jpg (Size: 5.22 MB / Downloads: 67)

.jpg   PW_KN 197402 15 McCulloch ad.jpg (Size: 2.22 MB / Downloads: 50)

.jpg   PW_KN 197402 16 McCulloch ad.jpg (Size: 2.28 MB / Downloads: 48)

.jpg   PW_KN 197402 17 McCulloch ad.jpg (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 48)
Thanks, Scott.  I'll add these to my "digital library" Smile

But you know, looking at the first ad especially, I kind of wonder what they were thinking.  Forty-six years later (yeah, I checked my math twice, holy crap!), we're comfortable seeing all of those entrails laid out.  There were guys like us back then, too.  Always mixin' and matchin' parts to make make a few good motors, meanwhile spending as little as possible.

So why McCulloch would waste their advertising budget on those guys?

Maybe they were reminding them of all of the "inventory" they'd built up, and would have zero use for, if they decided to start over with Yammies?

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