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Vintage Kart Identification sub-Forum - Blackhawk Enduro Kart (1973)
Normally I have been posting pictures and ads of vintage karts to the sub-forum called Vintage Kart Identification. I'm not sure if people are seeing, and I know in some cases they do not understand this site's new 'content/reader response' update notification alert symbols. 

The message is to let members know there have been added material to Vintage Kart Identifications sub-forum if this interest the members.

Today's contribution is the Blackhawk Enduro Kart (1973). On the oppsite page, a Hartman Mfg. ad featuring the late Kyle Adkins.

.jpg   PW_KN 197308 22 B lackhawk Enduro_Kyle ad.jpg (Size: 2.77 MB / Downloads: 34)

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