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Cheetah seat replacement
Here's a weird question: I have one of the late Carl Weakley's Margay Cheetah repop seats on my Photon. It doesn,t give a lot of lateral support. I'd like to replace it with a better, but still vintage style seat, and I don't want to have to strip the kart and re-powder coat it. If I can get the pic to attach, here's a shot of the kart under construction with the Cheetah seat You can look close and see the two conical washers at the front of the seat. The back attaches to the struts with extreme swivel Heim joints. Like I say, I'd like more support without doing more than maybe bending the vertical supports a little and maybe re-angling the two front supports. I have a normal sized butt. Thanks, guys. Ted

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Hi Ted,
  I use the black economy seats from Comet that look like many of the seats used in karts in the 70's. I have 2 Cheetahs with them. I fabed brackets that bolt to the standard Cheetah seat mounting frame tabs. Worked great for me. Seats are comfortable and very supportive.
Thanks, Tom. I deal with CKS a lot. I will go on the catalog and look. Ted

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