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ALL fresh 610.   Original block, crank, shrouds.  Replaced items include........rod (NOT the high zoot piece) NOS piston from Bonbright (std. bore, 2 rings)  rings from Jeff Brown, wrist pin and related from Cat Kart.  New crank/rod rollers.  New crank bearings and seals.  Pressure test @ 6# for 24 hrs.   Redone HL carb (gasoline) from EC Birt...popoff @ 9#.  Total time, 30 minutes run in, no load.   The shrouds are black powder coated, paint for the rest is as close to WB g0ld as I could find.  

Rotation is CLOCKWISE on the clutch side and COUNTER CLOCKWISE for the flywheel side.  Clutch side of the crank is stepped 5/8-9/16, LEFT HAND threads.

NO clutch, NO mount, NO starter cup.   The recoil starter is also black powder coated.

$550 (?) + shipping (continental 48 only).  Paypal ok.    Pictures if you want them.....I'll need your direct email.


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