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heads up-dont respond to suspicious emails or PM
I just got a PM from a spoofer that is using the name rickchapman, no space. its a new register and I've PM'ed the real Rick
and Brian Santee about the issue. If you get a PM from from rickchapman (no space) that wasnt registered in 2017, dont respond to it.
I believe that responding to posts that are of a slightly suspicious content may be how some spammers are getting enough info on
real people here on the forums, to cause harm. It may also be that the spoofer is sending those PM's to those Rick has has
contacted through that method.
I am sure there is no harm contacting Rick Chapman as always like I just did, just make sure the registration date was back in 2017.
Regards, Mark L./SWNY
Mark, just sent you PM.


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