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Hartman Enduro at Pitt (PIRC)
First visit to the beautiful Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC) running Dave Dickel's (Herb Dickel) Vinatge Hartman Enduro Laydown Kart. Test firing engine (100cc PP Yamaha), views of the pit going towards tech and finally first practice session on the track.

Kart had new and different brand of tires the Dickels have not used before. Kart was very skittish, thus hard getting up to speed as I attempted to learn this course. We were not dialed in to the correct tire pressure.

Come take a ride with me with using the latest camera technology for a stunning visual experience--Hyperframe video shot in 360 (spherical) GPS data display camera mounted on fuel tank. With Herb Dickel, Sr. and Herb Dickel, Jr..

September 2018

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