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Hegar clutch
I just got a hegar wet clutch.i don't know much about setting one up.are they similar to Hartman?does anyone have a setup sheet for either?
Hi Steve. Hartman info is widely available for download. If you can't find what you're looking for here, the Van Deusen's site is a g0ld-mine especially for mfr's literature, including Hartman clutches & pipes.

If you still strike out, send me a PM, letting me know what you have (open vs. closed cover, Insta-Slipper arms or not), and I'll see what's in my "library."

In exchange, if you come across ANYTHING on the Hegar clutch, please share it with me!

As far as I know, Hartman drums are interchangeable with Hegar drums. I forget, but I think the aluminum covers are, too? For the open cover models, the hollow nut (which has the 5/16" hex recess for a PTO starter) appear to be identical, as is the mini-nut 3/8-24 that holds the hub onto the PTO. I'm still waiting for one of the gray-beards to explain the Hartman / Hegar relationship to me... did they both come out of the same shop? Or, did one borrow from the other? etc.

Anyway, as it was explained to me, the Hegar clutch never really caught on because it requires a lot more disassembly to tune it compared to the Hartman. No surprise there, just by looking at them.

There seems to be agreement among graybeards that the Hegar clutch bits found a second, more successful life working as FRONT BRAKES.

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