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NOS Kendick slippy steel expansion chamber with movable rear cone
Although I repainted it, the original finish was only slightly blemished. Light on the interior shows it was surface rust only and no carbon. I used a long broad brush to sweep out much of the loose particles leaving a mostly rust free interior. I used Rustoleum heat paint after a good scuffing on the fine wire wheel.

Not sure of the “Slippy or Monza” word application, I thought the Monza pipe was aluminum and this is steel. The muffler adapter I added for more positive header pipe connecting using a set screw drilled dimple to secure it.

The rod through the pipe is not included but shown as the better way to mount the pipe using springs top and bottom with 5/16” locking collars to suspend the pipe. The hole through the pipe is a welded spacer and not open for leaks. Brass compression fitting installed at moveable tip for easier brake hose/throttle cable connection. The rear cone moves forward when stinger tip is activated through the manual cable.
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I believe it to be applicable to all U S made air cooled kart engines of the 60’s and 70’s.

Price is $250 plus Shipping and insurance to U S only, POSTAL MONEY ORDER only,
NO paypal.

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.jpg   Kendick pipe 3.JPG (Size: 105.78 KB / Downloads: 84)
.jpg   Kendick pipe 2.JPG (Size: 213.54 KB / Downloads: 42)
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.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 002.jpg (Size: 121.26 KB / Downloads: 36)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 005.jpg (Size: 332.05 KB / Downloads: 26)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 007.jpg (Size: 307.55 KB / Downloads: 22)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 006.jpg (Size: 355.55 KB / Downloads: 23)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 003.jpg (Size: 118.83 KB / Downloads: 19)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 004.jpg (Size: 116.58 KB / Downloads: 16)
.jpg   slippy Kendrick pipe.jpg 008.jpg (Size: 301.94 KB / Downloads: 31)
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.jpg   Kendick pipe 1.JPG (Size: 251.25 KB / Downloads: 18)

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