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WB 580 Stuff
I have a very nice West Bend engine mount for the 580 and other "round head" type motors.  The casting has M 8642 embossed on it and I don't recall who manufactured it.  It is in excellent condition.  No broken corners and the mounting holes and slots are not all wollowed out.  I think $60.00 is a fair price based on the pricing I have seen for other mounts in the same or newer condition.  Of course shipping is extra. (SOLD)

I also have an original West Bend muffler in very good condition.  It was purchased new in the box, which I still have along with the instructions, installed on a WB 580 that I rebuilt and bench tested.  That's as far as it got.  It comes with the factory mounting screws, instructions and even the gasket, which still looks ok to me.  I think $60.00 is fair.  I have seen new ones listed for twice that price.  

I'm trying to list some of my items for sale here on the forum rather than eBay but if no one is interested then that's where they will wind up.  I am always open to reasonable offers.  I will be happy to send additional pictures or information to anyone if needed.

For Sale Disclaimer:  Terms of offer to sell (aka, the "fine print"):
1.  This is not an auction.  There are no rules.  Ebay has rules.  This is not eBay.
2.  Offers to buy and all discussion only by PM, e-mail or phone call – not on the Forum. I'm not interested in assassinating your character, or having my character assassinated.                
3.Generally the successful buyer will be the first person to agree to buy the item at a specific price.  I don’t play bidding war games.  Life is too short.    4.  I reserve the right to not sell to anyone, at my discretion.  Please play nice.
5. All items are offered as-is, with no guarantees and no returns.  I may make an exception to this in special cases.                 
6.  Expectations of rapid response to PM’s and rapid shipping should be laid aside in favor of exercising your virtue of patience.
I may be quick, or I may be slow – but I always deliver.

created by James Waltz

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Smiling at your disclaimer......

Wish you luck with offloading your stuff.

I have been unemployed a number of times in my life, so I understand your situation. When I got home from my war I was told I was "the wrong color and the wrong sex", else my local GM plant manager would have had a job for me that afternoon. Being out of work is the shits.
Jim Waltz, West Sacramento, CA

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