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Wanted WTB Tillotson HL198 Carb
Looking for an HL198, or possibly a pair of HL232 carbs for my Rupp SuperK Dart.
hi brian,
i'm just wondering about your carb request.
is there a reason you want those specific carbs?
or are you looking for a matched pair of gas carbs with that spec.

the reason i ask is there are plenty of other tilly's that'll do the same job.
 so if you open up your search you'll have better luck accomplishing your goal.

often tilly carbs have different numbers because of when they were manufactured or who they were made for at the time.
so many tillies are exactly the same performance wise and can be paired on a dual manifold.

another thought is that you can put miss matched carbs onto a tilly to change how the duals function as a pair but that is kinda a deep subject.

anyway this link may help you a bit with at least getting a carb with the same specs though the numbers are different.

tilly model list for hl's

for the simplest matching you can just assume the carbs with model number replacements will match.
occasionally they are improved but that shouldn't cause any tuning issues. 

hope this helps
D Cool
Dave L.
I had just mentioned the two model numbers to Brian as an easily available matched pair upgrade for the carbs on his dual 580 Dart. Since they came stock on 820's, I figured they'd be plentiful. Of course, any matching HL's will work. Ted
I already have one new HL198, and it is a bit bigger than the HL15's I have on the engines now. Looking for more performance without breaking the bank...

I find it curious that the Tilly carb naming convention doesn't specify venturi size... hard to keep them straight.
You have to remember that when Tillotson started making diaphragm carbs, they were for early chainsaws. The saw manufacturer and users weren't concerned with anything other than the ability to turn the saw on its side to cut trees. The numbering convention just went from HL1. The tiniest change, even in the holes in the throttle arm, got the next number in line. TJ
How do you find out throat/ venturi size? Is measuring the only way, or is there also a chart for that?
If there is one, I've never seen it. The issue is that there are tons of Tillies we karters never see. TJ

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