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trouble logging in by members?
recently a few guys have called with log in issues.
not sure if it's a big problem but i'll remind members my forum email is
email if you can't get into forum or need to change your forum name.

i think the issue is old cache or cookie info  which would need to be cleared to fix issue.
there are too many browsers to just post what to do so if you don't know how to clear cookies and cache get a kid to fix or last resort contact me.
it also could be your security setting is set up so new windows opening is blocked.
Scott k figured out how to manually open a second window and log in
here's his pm'd advise

try this fix from scott k

I figured out how to log in, this may help others...

I have to right click on the login button and select "open link in a separate window"...Then I get the login page.

Just an FYI
by right click he means right click your mouse button (the dohicky that controls the arrow) rather than left click it.
a drop down screen should open
 select the line that says
  open link in separate window

hope this helps
D Cool
Dave L.
I wondered what was wrong, as I tried many times to log in and nothing worked until I followed the separate window trick.....sorry for those people sending PM's to me and getting no reply....thanks Scott and Dave    Big Grin .
Regular login is definitely fubar, had to use the right click/open in new window as above.
Normal login works fine for me
Now mine is acting up also but the right click new tab trick works ok.
Dave L.
Any idea how to activate my account? I dont think i saw an email.

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